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Helicoid bowl
  • Helicoid bowl


    • G R O W T H   S T R U C T U R E S •

    'Exploring the realms of growth structures, using pattern and symmetry to communicate the correlation between coral and trees. Exploiting the surface pattern of spalted hornbeam, mimicking the sporadic nature of growth within either organisms. The similarity between coral structures and trees is striking, both visually and biologically. Many species of coral expressing their age through growth rings, harder and softer rings apparent from warmer and colder years. The concept of polyps and leaves emulating similar functions or roles is one that could also be considered.'

    'Neither coral or trees are thought to be intelligent but both are utterly brilliant.'

    Carved surface pattern on spalted hornbeam
    Matte hard wax oil
    27cm  x 15 cm

    All artworks will only be shipped on completion of payment in full, via courier only.

    Please note any incurred import duties when shipping artworks internationally from the UK are the sole responsibility of the customer/client. Correct customs documents will be included with each shipment or supplied directly to the courier on request. This will be done by Found.Wood in direct communication and co-operation with the customer. This relies on accurate information being supplied by the customer before shipment is sent. Found.Wood will not be held responsible for inaccurate information provided by customers/clients.

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