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Upon leaving school at sixteen Oliver enrolled into an art and design institution in the south east of England. This experience opened endless creative avenues and a love for all things process flourished. This would grow and become a fundamental facet defining his entire ethos towards making, emboldening his requirement to use art as a medium to express himself.


Up until the start of 2020, Oliver had been exploring the realms and creative possibilities within large scale fabric installations galvanised by symmetry. Sewing thousands of pieces together in order to give birth to his vision; with all aspects being applied through trial and error. Understanding the medium intimately after a decade of work, Oliver has become well known in his field gaining many accolades for his dedication to the process of making. 


Establishing a love of textures and negative space through his installations, he has consistently expanded his skill set and vision as a forward thinking opportune artist investing heavily in his curiosity for knowledge, new materials and processes. Oliver has now migrated to more natural and sustainable materials found within his immediate landscape. The subsequent dialogue between material and maker has begun; Oliver has now found wood.

This is the story and birth of the Found.Wood project.

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